Bad Suns, Nudes, Night Riots, and Fresno Art Hop

Added on by Edwin Monico.

Yesterday was pretty epic, considering I ran into people I've been wanting to run into. Like Rico from Night Riots who was out and about at Arthouse Fresno supporting Bad Suns(Who I'm currently stuck on stupid because the music is fresh and amazing.) Along with William Lushbough and Nate R. and like a million other people I love seeing.

I'm currently still showing at Arte Americas and the show got extended so go ASAP and catch that whole Dia De Los Muertos exhibit.

Secondly, I would like to thank Mike over at Modern Farm for letting me show my mind(Photography) and escalating my work to a whole new level.




Bad Suns

Night Riots







Motel Black

Motel Black

Bad Suns

Bad Suns