3 Questions with Adam Allen

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So this is something new I'm doing called "3 Question with ________(Insert expletive)". To paint a picture of what goes behind the camera meaning the photographer.

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So without a further a due I present

Adam Allen

1. What does photography mean to you?

Photography for me is an outlet for the emotions and dreams that well up inside of me. Especially when I've been reading a great book, or have an idea weighing heavy on my heart. It allows me to release that idea. Even more it's a chance to connect with people. I love people, and being able to show a different side of them, or allow them to become a character that wouldn't exist otherwise is very fascinating to me. When I find a person who has that same sort of vision, to create and become a character that wouldn't exist otherwise, that's when I really feel like I've struck gold.

1. What does photography mean to you?

2. Do you listen to music while you do shoots? If so what?

I do play music while I shoot. I try to find something that will capture the character we want to convey. More often than not that's Lana Del Rey. Both myself and the subject usually relater to her. I love her ability to tell a story and paint an image in your mind with her lyrics. In a way she's similar to Ernest Hemingway. She tells you the characters relationship without blatantly stating it. "take my white bikini off with my red nail polish, sitt'n in the swimm'n pool bright blue ripple, you sitt'n sipp'n on your black crystal." it paints a picture for you and tells you details of the relationship without plainly saying, "we were lovers in a swimming pool." Ernest Hemingway wrote whole novels this way. In the same way I too want to create stories. So it helps having her musical influence playing in the background while I shoot.

3. People or Shapes?

I'm all about people. I stopped shooting outdoors for a while and focused my efforts on creating a powerful image with just a person and powerful lighting. It really helped me grow and see the best way to flatter a person in any situation. I also shoot weddings. That will probably never change for me. I love people, and people getting married and falling in love is even better. It allows me to capture people during the best day of their lives, and for me that is a very beautiful treat.

Hope you enjoyed Adam Allen and his love for good music and literature.

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